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AngelCAD V1.5-00 released
« on: 2020-11-15, 17:23:27 »
EDIT: Please use the latest version listed below this post!

A new version 1.5-00 has been released
Windows and Ubuntu pre-builds are available at

This new version contains several new features as listed on the release page and summarised below. Posts describing the various new features will be created in the
Using AngelCAD forum, where users can participate.

  • New AngelCAD script arguments allow for customization
  • DXF import via File->Import 2d DXF...
  • Mesh repair via File->Repair Mesh file(s)...
  • Edit/run OpenSCAD .scad scripts from AngelCAD editor
  • Capture and display stderr messages from external applications
  • Editor now detects external editing of script files
  • All open editor tabs are now remembered and re-opened in next session
  • "Save & Close all buth this" right-click on editor tab
  • Changed shortcut for Find/Replace from F3 to Ctrl+F
  • Post-build export option
  • Fixed several smaller issues
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Re: AngelCAD V1.5-00 released
« Reply #1 on: 2020-11-19, 17:46:28 »
After some further testing (thanks to Jon Bondy!) the compatibility with OpenSCAD has been further improved and a bugfix release V1.5-02 has been issued

The changes are
  • now running openscad & polyfix synchronously (more .scad scripts work ok)
  • fixed some compatibility issues relating to openscad .csg import
  • improved error reporting

Windows and Ubuntu binaries are available at

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