Author Topic: AngelCAD v1.4-00 released July 2020 (late announcement)  (Read 481 times)

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AngelCAD version 1.4-00 was released 28 July 2020, so this post is a belated announcement of that fact. The post is made so that users know about the latest publically available version.

Windows and Ubuntu binaries at

Changes in this version
  • fixed missing member functions in spline2d and spline3d. This makes it possible to use spline curves directly in script code.
  • angelcad-samples: fixed segfault error for polygon & polyhedron
  • added new pointcloud to allow reading points from external files. This makes it easier to use external data to make for example a convex hull from a point cloud
  • added dxfread application to read DXF files. This is a stand alone console application that can convert 2d DXF files into an AngelCAD function for use in e.g. linear extrude
  • Windows version now built with MSVC2019. Now using an up to date Windows compiler to Build AngelCAD