Author Topic: AngelCAD on the front page of Hacker News  (Read 600 times)

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AngelCAD on the front page of Hacker News
« on: 2020-08-24, 10:46:15 »
The website "Hacker News" showcased AngelCAD on saturday, causing a sudden inflow of visitors to the AngelCAD GitHub pages, more than 3100 unique visitors in one day to be precise. I had no part in the appearance on Hacker News, I was informed after the fact by one of the moderators.

Hacker News is simply a list of topics where your story "slide off" the end fairly quickly, but it is a rather active site with some interesting topics, both software and other things. Below is the AngelCAD thread discussion link

AngelCAD: Script-based 3D solid modeller

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