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General Discussion / Re: Planned new features in AngelCAD
« Last post by Carsten Arnholm on 2021-01-13, 20:44:46 »
2) I don't understand this question
You either open the file: angelview [<input_filename>]
or if it is already open it will be automatically reloaded

3) This is not standard in any way, and it is only theoretically possible in binary STLs. I don't think it is in use anywhere. There is no such option in the other formats.
The code is not complete. The function enclosure() is missing
General Discussion / Re: Planned new features in AngelCAD
« Last post by matthest on 2021-01-13, 17:30:04 »
2) how can I call this update from command line (CMD windows) ?

3) I have not read much about STL, but this link mentions something about colors:
General Discussion / Re: Planned new features in AngelCAD
« Last post by Carsten Arnholm on 2021-01-13, 16:40:42 »
Hi thanks for the feedback

1) Yes I have heard this mentioned. I will look into it before next update. Thanks for bringing it up.

2) First time for a model, after F6 use Tools -> View STL/AMF/DXF to start AngelView (or use the Yellow "View model" icon in the toolbar). For subsequent updates, then AngelView should update automatically when the STL or other file is updated, AngelView monitors the file changes. You can also force the update in AngelView (File -> Reload (F6)).

3) That would require colour information in the STL or other formats, and unfortunately it does not exist. Visualisation in AngelCAD/AngelView is based on stored STL/AMF/OFF/OBJ only.
Hi Carsten. I have made the object in angelcad instead of using the .OFF file.

If it is interesting for error-debugging. you may have a look at the .off file attached.

General Discussion / Re: Planned new features in AngelCAD
« Last post by matthest on 2021-01-13, 15:07:58 »
Hi Carsten, first, thanks for your effort, truly great way of working with 3D modelling!
After playing around a bit I have some general comments to Angelcad V1.5-06 running on Windows 10.

1) after each save/F6 the editor jumps to the top. Thus I have to scroll down to my code (e.g line 245 again after every rerun at the code).
2) Angelviewer update command is hidden (but pressing F6 automatically updates Angelviewer). Perhaps show how this is done in the console?

3) It would be truly interesting to add colors or somehow differentiate between parts in the code.

Hello and sorry for the very late reply (holidays).

I am not sure why this happens, it is possibly a graphics card related issue? I have it working fine under Ubuntu 18.04 and using an old NVIDIA card. Please check if you have the latest graphics drivers.

I have seen similar things when running under a virtual machine without proper graphics card software installed, so I suspect this might be similar.

I will soon upgrade my main computer to Ubuntu 20.04 and I will have a look at this issue then.

Hello. Like you said, I think the problem is from my part. Maybe I should check the drivers, I will try to test it in another distro to see if it works fine.

Thank you for you effort, the project looks great and it's really fast even with openscad code. I hope one day someone could make an AppImage build for all Linux distros.

Hi, if you provide a link to the .OFF we might have a look.

Maybe it is some overlap issue, hard to say without the OFF.
I downloaded the STEP from this website
Converted to .OFF using freecad then imported to angelcad.

solid@ display_no_FPC()
    tmatrix@ DISP_OFFSET = translate(0,-200,0);
    tmatrix@ face_out = rotate_x(deg:90);
    solid@ s =  Enc().toEdgeTop()*Enc().toCenterZ()*DISP_OFFSET * face_out
                 *(polyhedron("C:/Users/mattis/Documents/OpenSCADLIB/VS/Display -"));
    return s;
void main()

   shape@ obj = enclosure() + display_no_FPC();


I get the error
xcsg finished with exception: (carve error): D:\cpde_3rdparty\msvclibs\carve\lib
If i change the line:
tmatrix@ DISP_OFFSET = translate(0,-200,0); =>     tmatrix@ DISP_OFFSET = translate(0,-100,0);
then the error disappears. Any idea what the problem is?
Installation and troubleshooting / Re: How to install AngelCAD
« Last post by Carsten Arnholm on 2021-01-08, 21:35:47 »
For windows users, you may have to install the Visual C++ runtime library (AngelCAD is compiled using MSVC 2019)
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