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Hello and sorry for the very late reply (holidays).

I am not sure why this happens, it is possibly a graphics card related issue? I have it working fine under Ubuntu 18.04 and using an old NVIDIA card. Please check if you have the latest graphics drivers.

I have seen similar things when running under a virtual machine without proper graphics card software installed, so I suspect this might be similar.

I will soon upgrade my main computer to Ubuntu 20.04 and I will have a look at this issue then.

Hello. Like you said, I think the problem is from my part. Maybe I should check the drivers, I will try to test it in another distro to see if it works fine.

Thank you for you effort, the project looks great and it's really fast even with openscad code. I hope one day someone could make an AppImage build for all Linux distros.



English is not my first language but I will try my best to explain my problem. First and foremost, I really like AngelCad, the premise and the performance is way better than openscad, so thank you for making it.

I am using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and the installer with the deb packages. My problem is that everything runs ok until I render my model. It appears completely red and transparent (without the possibility to distinguish front from rear, etc). I have attached a capture of how it appears in the editor using a simple model (I think it's a cube).

I tried the windows installation in Windows 10 and it works fine, renders without problem and works as expected. My PC is 5 years old btw. What do you recommend? compile from source? I hope there is a solution, I use Linux most of the time and rarely touch my Windows installation.

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