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Title: User libraries
Post by: Carsten Arnholm on 2019-05-04, 10:43:24
AngelCAD contains a number of built-in features, but since it is based on a scripting language, i.e. AngelScript ( with AngelCAD language extension (, any user can create reusable *.as files and store them under the AngelCAD libraries folder.

To detect where the AngelCAD libraries folder is on your computer, use the menu item File -> Show Libraries Folder, which will open the file browser in that location. To create a new library called "mylib", you create a subfolder "mylib" and put your *.as files there. Then, from any other AngelCAD *.as source file, you can refer to your library using an #include statement. If we assume you created a file, it can be referenced as follows

#include "mylib/"

As an example of an existing library, see . If you open the libraries folder, and from ther issue the command
$ git clone

You can then use the solid trimming feature via an #include from another source file

#include "aclib/"

Title: Re: User libraries
Post by: Carsten Arnholm on 2019-05-28, 23:19:03
aclib also contains features for 3d font generation as shown in this example